A downloadable package for Windows, macOS, and Linux


-All images used in Vigil

-Templates to make your own images

-A mysterious "search_engine.txt"

-All promotional material and images used to market the game

-Full .psd of the tee shirt design

-Vigil's source code and HTML file

-The full node map (teaser below)

-A massive readme.txt that covers the following: "Inspirations and influences; development process and stories; marketing, the shame that surrounds it, and an apology to some forums; frequently questioned answers; and an epilogue."

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file! Take note that .psd files require Photoshop or an image software that can open them, .tws files require Twine, and TEE.psd is gigantic and may freeze your computer.


The Making of Vigil and Source 135 MB
MAP.jpg 38 kB